Not hating on LV’s latest campaign - Michelle Williams get’s to be the muse for the second time #love

Chanel’s Supermarket earlier this month for PFW is my #TBT of the day. It was soooo good right??! Still can’t get over how amazing the production was. Bravo Karl- still killing it at 80 yrs. old!

Get Your Pre-summer Glow.


Too Faced Sun Bunny 

Impatiently waiting for warm weather? Perhaps a sun kissed look will do for now. (But seriously, spring where eff are you?!) 

I went to my local Sephora last week on a mission to find my perfect bronzer. With the help of one of the makeup artists, I discovered my faux summer glow in a Too Faced compact called Sun Bunny - as a bunny mom, this was extra special! This bronzer mimics a natural tan very graciously and flatters every skin tone. The compact offers two shades: a slightly shimmery golden brown and a pink-undertoned bronze, these two shades blended will give you the illusion of that just-got-back-from-a-tropical-vacay tan. 

I usually stay away from any makeup that has shimmer, but I promised the Sephora makeup artist that I would stay open-minded so as soon as she applied Sun Bunny on my “sun kissed areas” (temples, apples of cheeks and nose) it was like as if I were photoshopped.. in a really good way, it totally meshed well with my complexion and somehow evened out my skin tone - I obviously knew it was the one. Highly recommend, trust me, this will instantly make you feel like summer is coming! 

Because I have a new Phantogram song to obsess over. #Fallinlove

ANSER: Toronto’s Banksy?




So I checked out an art show last night at Hashtag Gallery featuring a Canadian artist based in Toronto, ANSER - he or she is sort of like our Banksy, we have no idea how he or she looks like and I totally respect that. The opening show was a great success, the gallery was packed, the purchase line was also a long one -this was actually Anser’s first major exhibit. 

I admire Anser’s work, quite enjoyed the variety of mediums he/she used and love how collaborative he/she is. One of the collabs were with resin toy label Big Trubble they are the oh so colourful resin doll heads shown above they’re so rad- I want them all! They are $300 each. LOVED the brick canvas used for his famous faces - they’re usually spotted in the streets of Toronto, sadly these were definitely out of my budget. 

One of my fave nail looks right now: OPI Matte Top Coat x Essie Case Study 

Weekend accessories: Bc clearly I can’t wear this Vlieger & Vandam Guardian Angel Clutch at the office. I wear it to death on weekends. so good.